Become a FPN Provider – Benefits and Expectations

for the Fall Prevention Network

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“I have collaborated with other FPN providers on several projects to date, and it ALWAYS results in a better, more comprehensive and cost effective outcome for the client.” –George E. Bentley, CEO/Founder Bentley Baths

What are the Benefits of Joining the Referral System?

As a FPN provider you will:

  • Increase your potential for business with free referrals.
  • Gain a competitive edge.
  • Become an expert through professional development trainings focused on fall prevention.
  • Give back to the community by helping older adults retain their independence.
  • Engage in opportunities to network with other professionals.
  • Have access to fall prevention materials (e.g., posters, educational brochures, magnets) and reliable resources for your clients.

Who Can Join the Referral System?

Evidence shows that a coordinated, multiple intervention approach is the most effective way of preventing older adult falls. Service providers that have been in existence for more than one year that offer one or more of the following services are invited to join the referral system:
  • Physical activity programs to improve agility, mobility and balance (Balance, gait and strength training activities instructed by Physical Therapist (PT), Occupational Therapist (OT), or certified exercise instructor.)
  • Home Safety Assessment (Complete home safety checks by OT or individuals with specialized education and training.)
  • Home Modifications (Basic/Skilled) (Some basic modifications completed by OT or other trained professionals. Advanced modifications provided by skilled tradesmen.)
  • Medication Review (Review of medicines by a nurse, pharmacist, or physician. Modifications to medications performed by a physician.)
  • Vision Services (Vision assessments by a physician, optometrist or nurse. Also includes providers offering supportive services/products for individuals with low vision.)

How Does the Referral System Work?

  1. Metro Denver residents age 65 and older, or those inquiring on their behalf, can contact the Fall Prevention Network (FPN) via phone or website
  2. The referral specialist at the FPN will identify the fall prevention service(s) needed by asking a series of questions and will supply a list of providers to the client (three providers for each service type if possible)
  3. If your organization is selected by the client, they will contact you directly to set up an appointment*
  4. Your organization will assess the client and provide the appropriate fall prevention service(s)
  5. If you determine that the client should receive additional fall prevention service(s), please refer them to another provider or you can refer the client back to the Fall Prevention Network. This is a core principle for the Fall Prevention Network. Please assist your client in receiving multiple fall prevention services.
  6. Follow-up with your client
*If you are a home health agency you will need to contact the physician to arrange orders.

What is Your Role as a Service Provider?

As a FPN provider, you will be asked to:
  • Complete the provider sign-up process to join the Fall Prevention Network.
  • Honor referrals received through the Fall Prevention Network and provide quality fall prevention services.
  • Refer older adult clients to FPN or other providers to receive multiple fall prevention services*:
    • Physical activity programs
    • Home safety assessments
    • Home modifications
    • Medication reviews
    • Vision services
  • Have processes in place to handle referrals including assessment, referral, follow-up, grievances, and management of your organization’s fees for service.
  • Help increase awareness of older adult falls and the need to receive multiple services to successfully prevent falls.
  • Complete staff background checks, carry appropriate insurance and licenses, and maintain confidentiality in accordance with best practices for your profession.
  • Promote the Fall Prevention Network using downloadable materials or submit an FPN Products Order Form (included with orientation packet)
* Think of your organization as one of multiple points of entry for older adults to receive fall prevention interventions  
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